Just In Case…

Once upon a time, we talked so much on that balcony…

You were right beside me, staring at the same lovely sight… Dark sky, city of light…

My bad, now I have to come there by myself…

But, it’s still the very same place… and I stand right in the very same spot…

The sight is still beautiful, just in case you wanna see…

The air is still fresh, just in case you wanna feel…

The wood is still smooth, just in case you wanna touch…

Yes, I miss those moments… I admit it…

Do you remember those times?

Do you miss those moments?

Will you be by my side… again?


The heart is still the same… just in case you wanna know…

Sierra, October 2nd 2008


4 comments on “Just In Case…

  1. kayaknya gw tau deh ini tentang apa ….

    kalo lo gak ada yg nemenin
    ngajak gw jg gpp kok vid

    just in case
    you don’t wanna see that beautiful scene alone

  2. gw lagi drag halaman depan blog lw kebawah, ke post ini, while winamp gw maenin lagu akustik rada mellow gt pas yg kedengeran “lets pretend we’re alone”..
    just in case you did the same thing..

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