The Seven Commandments

Should we have an opportunity to create a company, together we should always keep these in our mind:

  1. We should always lead the society with the latest innovation & technology, which brings good, and not harming in any way to the world
  2. 3P needs to be taken care of: – people: customer first, then team member – product – profit
  3. We will always celebrate the joy of innovation, as we always stay truth of the way we are, engineer by heart, who are always curious of new possibilities, and in the end, making great product & services
  4. We work as family. Family helps each other. Nobody should be left behind. We work together with one purpose: push the human races forward
  5. Attract new talent, train & nurture them. This company should always be the Tony Stark’s workshop for the upcoming heroes
  6. Don’t fall into the dogma of ordinary. Always challenge the impossible, one thing that nobody has never think it’s possible, but suddenly when the time is appropriate, they will feel the benefit of our creation
  7. Ship the products!