Video-ing and Sing-ing

After nearly decade I don’t visit and post anything new on my blog, I decide to start writing again =)

Today I’d like to talk about what happened last September. I went back to Indonesia, Yeah!

After the whole 1 year I spent my life in Japan… yeah… It was such a blast!

One of the most interesting part on that vacation was… making video!!

Finally, I had a chance to make a video, well, not a perfect one I think… We did the shooting in 2 days, and another 1 week editing it.

The story is actually kind of advertisement for sneepet (what’s sneepet? I’ll explain it in different post =))

Yeah, actually you can see it by yourself here =)

Yeah, at the time we shot the video, I learned a lot about how important to get multiple shot of a certain scene, time management, and also how to direct and suddenly change ur plan because of limited time and budget and stuff, and etc…

About the technique, I’m still not really satisfied with my own skill… it’s still blurry, and the shaking makes the video doesn’t look very well. Oh yeah, btw, we used iPhone 4’s camera and Canon 500d in the shooting. Also glidecam pro4000 (not used that much, cause I didn’t bring enough weights =( ) and a monopod as stabilizer.

But thank you very much to all of my colleagues, who helped and made it become reality: Petrus Narwastu (great videographer, also the lead actor  =)), Debby Philisia (the lead female actress, Petrus’ lover, and also very good at ‘crying’ scene), DDamasPutranto (haha, what to say anymore about him? ;p ) and Dody Dharma (also old friend of mine, can’t say anything about him too=)) )

I’d love to make it as a serial also, if it’s possible =)

Oh yeah, and ehm, I also did a cover of ‘That Girl’ by David Choi, and used it as a soundtrack of this short video…

I don’t think that I’m a good singer, and I don’t really try to be a ‘suddenly famous because of Youtube’ star.. I’ve did it since 2008, haha, I think I was on ‘January Syndrome’ that time =)

Anyway, it’s good to be back, and let’s write again!


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